TUSUR partners the celebration of the first "Tomsk Citizen's Day"

September 12, 2015 Tomsk citizens admired the 3D video-mapping show called "The City and its People" sponsored by TUSUR University. The image of more than 3000 m2 was mapped at the TUSUR main building to tell the 410-year history of the city of Tomsk and its prominent dwellers.

- We are proud and pleased to be the first to offer this amazing performance to our students, friends and neighbors, this is the biggest video-mapping show in Siberia and Far East. The entrepreneurial spirit of our University pushes us to explore the new horizons and the IT and Image technologies are also a part of our passion that we would like to share with Tomsk citizens,- commented TUSUR Rector Prof. Alexander Shelupanov, in his interview.

The entire University were involved in the celebration. TUSUR Robotics Labs presented a show where the humanoid robots were dancing, playing foot-ball, acting as teachers or instructors. TUSUR students took part at the dancing flash-mob. TUSUR dancing team performed the dedicated gala concert.


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RUSSIA Tomsk Region, Tomsk city

The Tomsk Institute of Radio Electronics and Electronic Technics (TIREET) was organized according to the Decision of Council of Ministers of the USSR from April 21, 1962 and the subsequent Decision of Council of Ministers of the RSFSR.